The objective of Debugging Android training course is to be able debug Java and native code effectively and to be able to use the different tools to find difficult to find bugs in Java and native code. This objective is met by letting the audience experiment with difficult to find bugs and let the audience come up with their own domain specific bug fixing strategies facilitated by the instructor who is aware of the very nature of real life bugs for Android platform. The training course can be followed by a workshop during which the audience can use the techniques learnt on their own designs/code.

Intended audience
The intended audience for this training course is Android programmers and architects who already have a good understanding of Android as a whole but still want to learn more about debugging and how to use the debugging tools effectively to find real life bugs in code.

Skills acquired

  • Understand the different Android and Linux tools for debugging
  • Pick the right debugging tool for the right symptoms
  • Using instrumentation to find programming and design issues
  • Using Android Source code to look for difficult to find bugs
  • Making proper architectural redesign decisions based on the debug analysis
  • Debugging multithreaded Android code
  • Debugging code at Java layer effectively
  • Debugging native Android code effectively

Course duration
1 day.

Course format
The course has 35% theory and 65% exercises. Note! This course can be run in combination with Android Debugging Workshop.


  • Android programming model, Android documentation usage – can search for information on different sources and evaluate the trustworthiness of the sources!
  • Knows Android native tools and basic Linux concepts and can use them effectively for debugging
  • Knows Java programming language well - able to write Java programs for Android and use the SDK
  • Exception handling