The objective of the Android Persistence Workshop is to learn to apply the knowledge that was gained during the persistence training session. This objective is met by reflecting your own persistence solutions against the persistence training course and other knowledge you may have gained on persistence

Workshop flow
The Workshop lasts about 4 hours depending on how many issues we will be dealing with. Team members/participants are expected to explain the persistence solution (old, current, future) and highlight the design issues that are challenging or found to be non-trivial to implement. Team members/participants need to prepare for the workshop beforehand!

The facilitator is given about 2 hours to get familiar with the code/design in order to be able to run the workshop. The easiest way is to have a briefing with the team who is working with the component/system; the team members will explain the facilitator the key use cases of the solution and highlight persistence issues in such a way that the facilitator can then prepare the workshop with suitable discussion topics/questions.

The facilitator’s role is to make sure that the group gets to see the different persistence mechanisms not only from the perspective of the individual component or application but also from the system /platform perspective taking into account non-functional requirements and overall system behavior as well.

Team will be briefed in detail on what is expected from them for the workshop.

Skills acquired
Once you have been to the workshop and evaluated, explained and justified your own persistence solution with the facilitator and other participants, you should be able to evaluate and improve your persistence design if necessary.

Course duration
1 day.

Course format
Workshop. Note! This workshop can be run in combination with Android Persistence training course.

Understanding of Android persistence equivalent of “Persistence explained”.