The objective of the course is to be able to select the right persistence mechanism for the right purpose and to be able to implement applications that use databases effectively.

Intended audience
The intended audience for this training course is Android programmers and architects who already understand the basics of Android software development but need more information on how to efficiently implement persistence for Android.

Skills acquired
Upon completing the course you will be able to:

  • Pick the right Android persistence mechanism for the right purpose
  • Write application that use Android SQLite databases effectively
  • Use cursors without leaking resources and using up JVM heap memory excessively
  • Upgrade databases properly and understand the issues with updating platform specific database schemas
  • Know how to use Content Providers with databases
  • Can describe the different performance, security and resource constraints there might be to implementing designs that require persistence
  • Can analyze any persistence solution from platform development perspective
  • Can Debug SQLite related code effectively and know the meaning of different log statements that relate to persistence
  • Can use property files to get fine grained diagnostic information on SQLite operations and their performance
  • Can analyze code on how efficiently it implements persistence

Course duration
1 day.

Course format
The course has 40% theory and 60% exercises. Note! This course can be run in combination with Android Persistence Workshop.


  • Android programming model, Android documentation usage – can search for information on different sources and evaluate the trustworthiness of the sources!
  • Knows Android native tools and basic Linux concepts and can use them effectively for debugging
  • Knows Java programming language well - able to write Java programs for Android and use the SDK
  • Exception handling
  • Knows the basics of SQL and understands the basic database
  • Knows the basics of dealing with concurrency for Android