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Hauskin tapa oppia

The first edition of the English translation of the doglike programming book – A Chicken jerky flavoured introduction to functional programming is now available for free.

Programming is considered an important skill in Finnish schools. It was  added to the national curriculum two years ago as Finland reformed the national core curricula at all levels of education.

Programming could be a hobby, but it could turn into one’s profession later in life. Functional programming paradigm suites problems that are data processing intensive.

An Irish wheaten terrier Pate is taking his first steps in programming Haskell and will be guided by a bichpoo Selma in this chicken jerky flavoured book. This book suites anyone who wants to learn some of the most essential ideas of functional programming explained in a doglike way.

Click the book and start your journey!

Also check the video below the book (not for humourless!) where two dogs have just realized that it makes sense to learn functional programming, especially one with static typing!



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